Trail Around Boulder

tab_batco_2011 Final mapThe Trail Around Boulder (TAB) is a BATCO initiative that will encircle the City of Boulder with a 34 mile trail, allowing access to and appreciation of Boulder’s amazing geographic setting.

The Trail Around Boulder will link and utilize mostly existing trails (only 7-8 miles of new trails will be needed).  It will be open to non-motorized recreation, and will encourage a healthy lifestyle.  It will be carefully designed to avoid sensitive habitat, and will provide transportation alternatives to the car.  It will attract visitors to Boulder and will draw families together in a trail-based community.

The Trail Around Boulder will be recognized all over the United States.  It will be a model of community involvement and cooperation.  It will mark the beginning of an era of Open Space goodwill and support.

The Trail Around Boulder will be the “Jewel in the Crown” of Boulder’s Open Space & Mountain Parks system.

The Trail Around Boulder will make trails fun again!


    • Write an email to City Council and the Open Space Board of Trustees, and tell them you support the TAB:

  • Join BATCO and volunteer for advocacy meetings and trailbuilding opportunities
  • Adopt a section of the TAB!
  • Contribute to the TAB via a donation to BATCO (we’re a 501(C) 3 so all donations are tax-deductible); mail to BATCO, PO Box 19726, Boulder, CO 80308
  • Buy a BATCO trail map;  proceeds go to trails!
  • Spread the word!