Important Open Space Survey Now Open

And now, from our friends at Open Boulder (of which BATCO is a member) — please make your views known about the future of Open Space and Mountain Parks by taking a brief survey:

The Opportunity

Open Boulder members (you!) can weigh in on how they would like the City of Boulder’s Open Space & Mountain Parks to prioritize your tax dollars over the next 10 years! What strategies should OSMP focus on first? Share your personal preferences by midnight, Sunday, April 7, through this online questionnaire:

Last year, OSMP used community input to create focus areas and values to define big, broad management themes for OSMP’s next 10 years. Then in the fall, OSMP used your ideas and feedback to develop draft outcomes and strategies for advancing those focus areas and values. Please help prioritizing draft outcomes and strategies for the OSMP Master Plan. Your input from this online questionnaire will inform future spending and refinements to OSMP management strategies, and will contribute to the development of a draft OSMP Master Plan that will be released to the public in May.

Important Areas to Comment On

  • Dog Off Leash Restrictions
  • Nighttime Use Restrictions
  • Reclaiming/Closing Undesignated (social) Trails
  • Additional Biking Opportunities
  • Horse Trailer Parking at Trailheads
  • Increasing Recreation Opportunities
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