Help Preserve Passive Recreation on Boulder’s Open Space & Mountain Parks for the Next 50 Years: Your Input Matters!

Now is the Time to Make Your Voice Heard!

Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) is working feverishly to create a new “Master Plan” that will guide all aspects of the program for the next 50 years.  No kidding.

This project will attempt to balance passive recreation (including hiking, biking, horseback riding, dog walking, and nature viewing) on 50,000 acres of open space around the City of Boulder, from close to the Peak-to-Peak Highway to the East County Line, and from Rocky Flats to close to Rabbit Mountain.

While the area contains many wonderful trails, there is the potential for so much more access — without compromising environmental quality.  But if they don’t hear from you, we may never be able to appreciate it.

Here’s how YOU can help.  Please take this short online survey and make sure your vision of public access to public lands is included.

Remember to address issues that are important to you personally and how you enjoy (or want to enjoy) our shared public lands in the future.

If you want to protect your access to public lands, these are some of the issues of concern:

–Night time access to trails
–Off trail travel
–Multi-use trails
–Regional trail connections
–Strategic new property acquisitions

Suggestion: Make a brief PERSONAL statement of how, when, where & why you use currently use Open Space and what you desire in the future, for example: “I run with my dog at Joder Ranch each morning at 5AM to maintain my health and sanity. I want to see more opportunities to do this on other Open Space areas in the future!” or “I want to see new, high-quality trails that link existing OSMP properties to create a world-class trail system in Boulder!”

Please like & share this post on social media … and urge your friends to weigh in as well.  We need to get our collective message heard far and wide!

You may add more comments in a separate email if you wish:

**** Deadline for comments is Tuesday November 20
so don’t procrastinate!  Do it now!


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