Heil Valley Ranch South Side Trails Now Open

Heil Valley Ranch South Side Trails are now open after Cal-Wood Fire Recovery.

The Main trailhead parking will close at noon daily through Sept. 30 due to flash flood risks.

The Corral and Main trailheads and associated trails are open for on-trail use as of today, June 16, after extensive recovery efforts from the Cal-Wood fire in October 2020. Due to the severely burned landscape, the south side of the park is prone to flash flooding. The Main Trailhead parking lot will close at noon daily through Sept. 30 due to flash flood risks. All vehicles still in the parking lot after noon may be ticketed. Trails, picnic tables, and the shelter will remain open until sunset, but visitors must park elsewhere. A new live trailhead camera has been added to the Corral Trailhead for visitors to check parking availability on the Heil Valley Ranch webpage before heading to the trails. Flash flooding is also likely at all small and large canyons and may deposit debris and mud in downstream/downslope areas. Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead for a safe visit: Sign up for emergency alerts at boulderoem.com. Check the weather forecast and visit another park if rain is anticipated. As you travel on trail, identify the flood safety routes (map). Keep your eyes on the sky. You may not be able to receive text messages, alerts, or hear sirens. Leave if storm clouds are building. Do not drive if you see flooding. Never drive through water if you cannot see the road beneath the water. The road may not be intact under floodwaters. For more information, please visit the
Heil Valley Ranch webpage.

Please note! BATCO volunteers helped clear ash and sediment out of the Grindstone Quarry Trail where it crosses the creek near the Corral Trailhead. Thank you to all who participated.

Bridge at Heil Valley Ranch with burned landscape in background
Nice new trail bridge to replace the one that burned
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