City Council Accepts and Adopts OSMP Master Plan

On September 3, 2019, the Boulder City Council accepted and adopted the Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Master Plan, which will guide how the city will manage Boulder’s open space over the next decade and beyond. The product of input from thousands of community members, the OSMP Master Plan:
  • Describes five focus areas – or central management themes – and the related open space values community members share.
  • Articulates community aspirations and collective hopes as desired outcomes for the future of your Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks.
  • Outlines 46 prioritized management strategies to achieve the desired outcomes as well as examples of actions that will fulfill Master Plan guidance.
  • Sets manageable expectations about what can be achieved.
  • Prioritizes strategies into three tiers to describe the relative importance of strategies and the general timing with which they would be accelerated or emphasized during implementation.
  • Identifies a set of Tier 1 strategies that OSMP will focus on first while scaling all other work to align with available funding.
Read the Master Plan’s executive summary and learn how the department incorporated community input, which included a statistically valid survey, to inform the resulting Master Plan and guide city open space management over the next decade. 

Both the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) and the city’s Planning Board unanimously recommended the plan to City Council on August 1. With City Council’s final adoption of the Master Plan, OSMP will begin implementing the plan through a series of actions tied to the strategies and will begin annually reporting on successes and progress in achieving the vision laid out in the plan. A summary of the Master Plan also will be included as an amendment to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.

OSMP staff would like to extend our deep appreciation to the thousands of community members who told us why they value Boulder open space and shared their hopes and concerns for the future. We also would like to thank Open Space Board of Trustees members, who collectively, have provided more than 340 hours of their time to help the community and staff develop the OSMP Master Plan.

Staff also appreciates the valuable input we received from city council members at two joint Council-OSBT study sessions and the guidance provided by the OSMP Master Plan Process Committee, which includes two OSBT members and two City Council members.   

Thank you again for your contributions and for your love of open space. With this plan, we look forward to the next decade and working with you to continue Boulder’s special open space legacy for our community and future generations.

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