A New Way to Support the Trail Around Boulder (TAB)

BATCO is pleased to announce a cool new way to enjoy the trails west of Boulder and support the Trail Around Boulder at the same time.  This is a joint project with Jon “Cowboy” Eisen, who is challenging trail runners and others, in his words,

“to run the Boulder Skyline Traverse as many times as you can this Fall! COVID makes motivation a little tough for many of us, so I created this challenge to give us something to compete with each other and ourselves. Whether you’ve run the skyline a million times or have never run it, this challenge is for you.

To enter the challenge, simply go directly to the Boulder Area Trails Coalition (BATCO) website and donate $10 (or more!).  Please indicate that you want your donation to be a benefit for the Trail Around Boulder (TAB) and send me the receipt to enter. Plus, every entrant gets a really cool custom-designed Skyline Traverse die-cut sticker.
Please see the Skyline Traverse website for all details. I hope y’all will join me!”

Note from BATCO:  The Trail Around Boulder is REALLY CLOSE to being complete — it’s got only a few small missing links but we need some dedicated Trail Champions to make sure it gets done.  Please contact BATCO for more information.  A big shout out to Jon Eisen for coming up with this challenge, and thank you all in advance for your support.


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