Boulder County Parks & Open Space Stewardship Recognition


Chris M BCPOS Stewardship Photo

October 16, 2014.  BATCO Board Member Chris Morrison receives a photo acknowledging our volunteer support on Boulder County Parks & Open Space trail projects. BATCO has received this recognition annually since 2008, the inception of the BCPOS Stewardship Program.

Trail Volunteers Needed

PWV North Fork 28 and 29th-1

Last (we hope) Planning Commission meeting on Rights of Nature

The Planning Commission meeting on the Rights of Nature Wednesday June 18 will, we hope, be a non-event.  Public testimony will not be taken, but I plan to be at the meeting anyway (est. time mid-afternoon) just to see how it plays out.

Staff has wordsmithed this issue to death, resulting in the following proposed language to be inserted into the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Environmental Resources Element:

“Acknowledging our responsibility to ensure that naturally-occurring ecosystems and their native species populations continue to exist and flourish in Boulder County, Boulder County will develop conservation and recovery plans for priority Species of Special Concern.”

As far as we’re concerned, Boulder County is already doing that, so this merely makes it official.  The media will continue to get it all wrong as they have done since the beginning.  The RON people may crow about their success, but I support the final wording because it eliminates the “rights of nature” language and gets rid of an “all” in the original document that would have been impossible to implement.

I’d say we did very well in the end, but it represented a lot of kerfuffle and wasted time.

Now, I hope we can put it behind us and move on.



Celebrate National Trails Day at Hall Ranch on June 7

The Hall Ranch Trails need some TLC! Volunteers will use hand tools to re-route worn-out sections of the trail while closing down the old trail. The goal is to create a trail that will stand up to heavy use and all kinds of weather. A light breakfast will be provided before we get to work. This project will run from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. Minimum age is 14 with adult supervision. To register please visit www.BoulderCountyOpen Space/wildwork or contact Fletcher Jacobs at 303-678-6344 or

And just think, you’ll be joining over a million other volunteers all over the country who will be giving back to our public lands and trails.

Be sure to tell ‘em you’re with BATCO!

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Seeks Volunteers for National Trails Day Project

Want to celebrate National Trails Day on June 7 and make a difference at the same time?

Then help the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department improve the East Boulder -White Rocks Trail, which sustained significant damage during the September 2013 floods. OSMP is seeking volunteers to help the department resurface the trail’s tread with fine crushed rock.

The National Trails Day volunteer project will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 7, and is expected to conclude at 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided to volunteers. Participants can get more detailed information on the project and sign up at and be sure to mention that you are participating on behalf of the Boulder Area Trails Coalition.

National Trails Day is the United States’ largest celebration of trails, according to the American Hiking Society. During the day, organizations and groups celebrate America’s trails by organizing hikes, stewardship projects, biking and horseback rides, and other activities.